Inspecting the View Tree – Part 3: Nested Views

Inspecting the View Tree

Dealing with Preferences for Nested Views In the previous part of this series, we introduced SwiftUI anchor preferences. Now we are finally coming out of the forest. In this last part, we will put everything together. We will also learn how SwiftUI handles preferences of nested views, plus some other uses of Anchor<T>. As usual, … Read more

Inspecting the View Tree – Part 2: AnchorPreferences

Inspecting the View Tree

In the first part of this article, we introduced the use of preferences. These are very useful to communicate information upwards (from children to ancestors). By defining the associated type of our PreferenceKey, we now know that we can put anything we want in there. In this second part, the moment for Anchor Preferences to … Read more

Inspecting the View Tree – Part 1: PreferenceKey

Inspecting the View Tree

With SwiftUI, we normally don’t need to worry about what happens internally on our child views. Each happily does its own thing. However, life is not always normal. When we face these circumstances, SwiftUI provides us with some great tools. Unfortunately, its documentation is brief at best. This three part article tries to put a … Read more

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