Advanced SwiftUI Animations – Part 6: CustomAnimation

Welcome to a new installment of the Advanced SwiftUI Animations series. I initiated this collection of articles back in 2019. Since then, Apple has been enhancing the framework and introducing new features. This year is no exception, with exciting additions that expand the possibilities of SwiftUI animations. As always, my goal is to explore every … Read more

Advanced SwiftUI Animations – Part 5: Canvas

This fifth part of the Advanced SwiftUI Animations series will explore the Canvas view. Technically, it is not an animated view, but when combined with TimelineView from Part 4, it brings a lot of interesting possibilities, as shown in this digital rain example: I had to delay this article several weeks because the Canvas view … Read more

Advanced SwiftUI Animations — Part 4: TimelineView

Film Strip

It’s been two years since I published Part 3 of this series of articles about Advanced SwiftUI Animations. I’m super excited about this year’s WWDC introduction of TimelineView and Canvas. It opens a whole new range of possibilities that I will try to lay out in this and the next part of the series. In … Read more

Advanced SwiftUI Animations – Part 3: AnimatableModifier

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We have seen how the Animatable protocol has helped us in animating paths and transform matrices. In this last part of the series, we will take it even further. The AnimatableModifier is the most powerful of all three. With it, we have no limits on what we can accomplish. The name says it all: AnimatableModifier. … Read more

Advanced SwiftUI Animations – Part 2: GeometryEffect

Film Strip

In the first part of this series, I introduced the Animatable protocol, and how we can use it to animate Paths. Next we are going to use the same protocol to animate transform matrices, using a new tool: GeometryEffect. If you haven’t read part 1, and don’t know what the Animatable protocol is, you should … Read more

Advanced SwiftUI Animations – Part 1: Paths

Film Strip

In this article we are going to dive into some advanced techniques to create SwiftUI animations. I will talk extensively about the Animatable protocol, its trusty companion animatableData, the powerful and often ignored GeometryEffect and the completely overlooked but almighty AnimatableModifier protocol. These are all topics that have been totally ignored by the official documentation, … Read more

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