SwiftUI Renderers and Their Tricks

In Xcode beta 3, ChartRenderer has been removed from the SDK. It seems we now should start using ImageRenderer instead to render charts. I had a feedback raised due to the ChartRenderer working monochrome, and with beta 3, I got a reply saying “ChartRenderer was removed. We suggest you use ImageRenderer instead”. This statement seems … Read more

WWDC 2022: Lessons from the SwiftUI Digital Lounges

This has been the second year of WWDC Digital Lounges. They gave us a good opportunity to try getting our questions directly answered by the makers of SwiftUI (and other frameworks). Not everyone has been able to attend, probably due to other commitments, lack of time, failure to register, unfortunate timezones, etc. However, again this … Read more

SwiftUI ’22 in Numbers (and a few Charts)

After posting this article, I realized that due to a bug in SourceKit, the numbers here are a bit underestimated. They do not include the Charts API types, methods and properties. SourceKit is currently crashing when trying to open the interface file of the Charts API. I will update the numbers as soon as sourcekit … Read more

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