Impossible Grids with SwiftUI

Native support for grids in SwiftUI is finally here. This is made possible by two new views. These are LazyVGrid and LazyHGrid. From now on, when I write Lazy*View, I will be referring to both of them. In this article, we will first cover the basics, but then we will go a little beyond the common grids with … Read more

MatchedGeometryEffect – Part 2

With the release of Xcode 12 beta 4, two bugs mentioned in this articles got fixed! I marked those sections with a note, but will keep the sections for a couple of weeks, in case some readers are still using an older beta. The elimination of those bugs will make our life easier. In fact, … Read more

MatchedGeometryEffect – Part 1 (Hero Animations)


This year brought some interesting new additions to the SwiftUI framework. There is one, in particular, that opens a whole lot of new possibilities. We are talking about a new extension to the View protocol, the .matchedGeometryEffect() modifier. On its own, it’s good enough, but in combination with other techniques we learned already (custom transitions … Read more

Backward Compatibility with SwiftUI


On your mark, get set, go! The time to begin discovering all the new SwiftUI features that the WWDC 2020 brought is here. However, as every year, excitement washes off a few milliseconds later, when you remember that dropping support for older OS versions is not an option for you. Usually, we resort to our … Read more

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