Advanced SwiftUI Animations – Part 1: Paths

Film Strip

In this article we are going to dive into some advanced techniques to create SwiftUI animations. I will talk extensively about the Animatable protocol, its trusty companion animatableData, the powerful and often ignored GeometryEffect and the completely overlooked but almighty AnimatableModifier protocol. These are all topics that have been totally ignored by the official documentation, … Read more

ScrollView – Pull to Refresh

Pull To Refresh

At the time of writing, ScrollView in SwiftUI is not very customizable. A feature many may be missing, is the ability to refresh its contents when the view is pulled. Fortunately, using view preferences, we can manage to add such behaviour. Once we finished coding our new view, using refreshable ScrollViews will be very easy, … Read more

View Extensions for Better Code Readability

When we are writing our view code, we want to make it look as clean as possible. Good indentation, avoiding long lines, clear and meaningful names, etc. It all contributes to code readability. Nevertheless, sometimes it gets out of control and our views become hard to read and ugly to look at. You probably already … Read more

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