Advanced SwiftUI Animations — Part 4: TimelineView

Film Strip

It’s been two years since I published Part 3 of this series of articles about Advanced SwiftUI Animations. I’m super excited about this year’s WWDC introduction of TimelineView and Canvas. It opens a whole new range of possibilities that I will try to lay out in this and the next part of the series. In … Read more

Random Lessons from the SwiftUI Digital Lounge

One of this year’s WWDC highlights was the introduction of the Digital Lounges. Unfortunately, it was as good as it was ephemeral. In an instant… puff! it was gone! Many weren’t able to attend due to other commitments, lack of time, failure to register, etc. I personally failed to follow them as closely as I … Read more

SwiftUI ’21 in Numbers

WWDC ’21 is finally here and it brought a lot of new toys to play with. In the upcoming weeks I will be writing new articles and will update the Companion for SwiftUI app to include all the new SwiftUI features introduced this year. In anticipation, a week ago I released a beta version of … Read more

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