Companion for SwiftUI – Release (v4.1.0)

A new release of The Companion for SwiftUI is here! See the details below. Also learn the ways in which you can get the update, depending on where you originally purchased your license (App Store or

This update is FREE to all users with a valid license of any version of the Companion app.

This update includes a large content update, which contains everything added to the framework in WWDC ’22. Unlike the latest beta, this release now also includes the Charts API.

In addition to the large content update, you may now search for a topic from the system’s menu bar. Either click on the menu bar icon or use the global shortcut to activate the popover. You may change the shortcut and other options of the menu bar popover from the application’s preference window.

There is now also an option you may use to disable syntax hi-light in most code. This improves loading time of pages, however, this is only noticeable in older Macs.


If you obtained the app from Apple’s App Store, open the App Store app and look for the update there.

If you obtained your license from this website, simply download the dmg file linked below, open it and drag the app to the Applications folder.

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