A Companion for SwiftUI v3 Release Notes

A new release of The Companion for SwiftUI is here! See the details below. Also learn the ways in which you can get the update.

Content updates (over 700 additions to the index tree):

  • Documentation for all additions from WWDC ’21.
  • Documentation for all platforms (macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS).
  • Styles now have their own category.
  • A new category added with all EnvironmentValues.
  • Includes updates introduced with Xcode 13.2.

Application Updates:

  • Added support for Apple Silicon.
  • Improved user interface. Some of the new features are:
    • Quickly identify elements from a specific range of versions using a flag indicator.
    • Create per-tab custom filters that hide the irrelevant parts of the API.
    • Many appearance parameters are now tunable.
    • Bookmarks can now be organized with subfolders.
    • Improved SDK availability indicators for all platforms.
    • Documentation topics are now collapsible.
    • Shortcut keys are now user-customizable.
    • Copy & Paste has been improved.

How To Get the Update

If you purchased the app from Apple’s App Store, simply launch the App Store app in your Mac, search for the app, and use the UPDATE button.

If you purchased the app from this website, download the dmg file linked below, open it and move the executable to the Applications folder:

SwiftUI Companion v3.2.0

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