WWDC 2020 Has Come and Gone


WWDC 2020 finally arrived. I bet you are excited with all the new toys we’ve been given. I sure am!

In the upcoming weeks, I know I will be busy updating the blog. Both revising all articles and writing new ones. I will be also updating the Companion for SwiftUI app, to make sure it includes all the new additions of this year’s event.

Please bear with me while I get all this sorted, as I don’t want to rush and publish too many errors or misconceptions. In the meantime, I encourage you to comment below, and tell me what topics of the new SwiftUI version you find more puzzling or difficult. What subjects you think would be nice for a new article.

In the meantime, here’s the list of all the SwiftUI related WWDC2020 videos with their links and durations:

1Introduction to SwiftUI54m
2What’s new in SwiftUI27m
3Build SwiftUI apps for tvOS14m
4Build complications in SwiftUI27m
5Add custom views and modifiers to the Xcode library13m
6App essentials in SwiftUI15m
7Visually edit SwiftUI views5m
8Build a SwiftUI view in Swift Playgrounds14m
9Build document-based apps in SwiftUI12m
10Stacks, Grids, and Outlines in SwiftUI19m
11Build SwiftUI views for widgets20m
12Data Essentials in SwiftUI36m
13SF Symbols 218m
14Structure your app for SwiftUI previews33m

5 thoughts on “WWDC 2020 Has Come and Gone”

  1. Awesome, I’m really looking forward to your content. I still see (major) people from the community publish stuff on Twitter as “🤯brand-new 🤯” that you posted on your blog months ago (like the AnimatableModifier). Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. This is such a fantastic blog!

    One thing which I would love to figure out is how to apply a fragment shader (ideally a transition shader) to a SwiftUI view (or a pair of views). I’m wondering if there is a way to get at the underlying metal backing…

    I have the effect system shown in this video working in SpriteKit, and I am trying to migrate it to SwiftUI:

  3. Hi Javier, thanks for the blog and Companion App… one thing I felt was missing from SwiftUI in 2019 was the ability to disable pixel alignment for views contained in a container such as ZStack (this would make SwiftUI a possible backend for SVG and other vector tools).

    If you have encountered any ways around this (except for the obvious to embed a UIView/NSView as a represented object), this would be a great article


    • I second the request for how to do some sort of vector editor type thing in SwiftUI. They kept using it as an example, but I can’t find the code anywhere…

  4. Great blog. The thing that I am most interested to see is how to do a complete app navigation in SwiftUI. Not just the basic push new page style but more an analysis of how I translate my traditional UIKit app with all it’s different controller types and things like “press twice on a tab to go to root view” mechanics.


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